Book Trailer Resources

Book Trailer Resources

Students and teachers at FES have been making book trailers as a way to hook readers. I’ve collected some resources that may be helpful to anyone who wants to create a book trailer. I’ll keep updating this page, so check back often.

Book Trailer Planning Sheets & Citation Pages (created by Mrs. Potter)
Book Trailer Planning Sheet

Book Trailer Storyboard

Finding & Citing Photographs and Images from the Web

Finding and Citing Royalty Free Music



Small as an Elephant book trailer created by Mrs. Potter.

Web Sites

Animoto: Easy way to create your own book trailers by adding images and text. Users select music and video styles from Animoto’s many choices.

Watch. Connect. Read. – Mr. Schu’s blog dedicated to book trailers

Book Trailers for All

Book Trailers for 2012/2013 Maine Student Book Award nominees

Book Trailers from Scholastic’s Kids in the Stacks

Harper Collins Children’s Video- Book Trailers

Random House’s School Tube channel

90 Second Newbery– James Kennedy’s Film Festival featuring 90 second films based on Newbery winners


“The Big Tease: Trailers Are a Terrific Way to Hook Kids on Books” from School Library Journal

“Seven Top Trailers to Hook Kids on Books” from SLJ‘s The Digital Shift

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